As Curious As Alice

Disney’s Fantasia (1940)
Things I Really Need to Express

-Omg. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. 

-Its less than two weeks till finals. People need to stop talking to me in the studio. 

-Your work is terrible and you are so full of yourself. You crossed me so when crit time comes you get to hear the whole truth about what people really think.

-My roommate is dramatic and I don’t care about any of her problems. I’d like to feel bad about it but I don’t

-Art school, like any other school, can make you feel really depressed.

-98% of glass majors are ridiculously full of themselves. 

-My mother is crazy.

-I just forgot we had an artist talk with free pizza and missed it. Damn it.

-I just ruined dinner so instead ate a whole can of chili beans. 

-I’m way too stressed to cry about being stressed.

-When school is out I am not going to do ANYTHING for three days straight.


the elegant european woman didn’t stay for tea, but the promise of tomorrow hung in the air

a little too much heat to handlev

Alexander McQueen F/W 2008/09 ‘The Girl Who Lived in the Tree’

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19:32"I’m sorry I’m busy I have an unpopular tumblr account to run" — me every day (via tdfanatic)

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Tom Bartel
Muh man.

Globe crater vase

Life is so terribly uncomfortable but I’m surprisingly ok with it most of the time. 

Yesterday was such a good one. I felt challenged and busy which seem to be my favorite things in life for some reason. I also found that I do have a voice and that I didn’t forget how to use it. I realized that I know how to control my temper, not all the time but when its necessary I can use it to my advantage. I don’t think thats bad. I think it means I’m growing up. How weird.

Anyways, I’m proud of myself thus far. It feels good to have supportive friends and family and also that I’m learning to be on my own. Life is a little easier knowing that if you fail there will still be people there who support you and believe you can do anything. They may be completely delusional in that aspect but the fact that they think that much of you is an incredible feeling. 

Also, I brought out my bitch game last night for the first time in a looooong time and I think it was a good call on my part. Its almost like a little “pick me up” when I get to prove to people that I can’t be walked on. I like feeling empowered and I enjoy fighting for that feeling. I want people in life to take me seriously and know what I am about. 

I guess thats it. My posts are so vague but its nice to chat about things even when I don’t know exactly where they’re going. I need a little verbal vomit every once in awhile.